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Wasting Your Greatest Opportunity

September 14, 2009

I can’t help but notice how many people are wasting one of the greatest opportunities of their life. Most people in university come from middle class families. Some are better off and others are worse, but that is the average. This makes me wonder why so many people take on such dead end jobs while they are in school.

Right now you have huge saftey net (your parents), little responsibility, and a ton of time. These three things combined mean you can try anything and risk it all for an idea, a project, a job. At the end of the day if things fail, even if they fail horribly you will pretty much end up in the same place as you started. Your crappy job will always be there for you to fall back on, so stop wasting time and go do something worthwhile.


The Final Push… before the final push.

March 17, 2009

© Eugen Sakhnenko

Bar Chef | © Eugen Sakhnenko 2009

So I have been working non-stop all this month; weekends, evenings, mornings! I’m currently finishing up two commissions; one product photography shoot for a cosmetic brush line and I’m also nearing the end of a project I’ve been working on for a couple months for BlogTO, which involves many interior shoots (see photo above).

I’ve also been doing research for my final personal project for this semester, that will involve shooting in parks across Toronto, I’m hoping to start shooting early next week if not this weekend. I’m working on a redesign of my website (for a class), and a ten page essay on “Mikhail Gorbachev’s foreign policy” for my History of the Cold War class that is due on Monday.

I’ve come to terms that my life will be in some sort of constant state of frenzy, which make it easier to deal with what seems like a million things due by next week. It’s also tons of fun and I’ve met lots of great people and seen some amazing spaces so I’m not complaining too much.

For the next few weeks, posts will probably be rare until I achieve some level of normalcy.

Cheers, hope everyone is enjoying the warmth that finally seems to be here.

About Work.

March 5, 2009

I realize that there has been a lack of posts lately, but it is not without reason. School is coming to an end (in about 6 weeks) so I have a ton of projects/essays and I have also been really busy work wise. March is going to be one hell of a month!

Speaking of work, I just read this article on Exposure Compensation which gave some statistics about artists and unemployment. Here is the gist of it:

Artists are unemployed at twice the rate of professional workers, a category in which artists are grouped because of their high levels of education. The artist unemployment rate grew to 6.0 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008, compared with 3.0 percent for all professionals.

There were a few things I thought about when I read this.

First of all, how does one consider an artist to be unemployed? Artists create work for themselves, technically an artist is one of the few members of society that can never be unemployed.

Second, what exactly is 6%? I guarantee that at least 80% of people in my program will never become artists and probably will never even work seriously as photographers of any kind. To me 6% unemployment is great, it means 94% of artists are employed. That figure is really reassuring for someone who one day might be an artist (professionally). 

This blog will resume it’s regular schedual, if one ever existed, as soon as possible, but at the moment I have to get back to work.

The Index Card Expirement Revisited

February 28, 2009

Index Cards

At the beginning of February I decided to experiment with index cards. I wanted to use index cards as a tool to help retain information that I consumed. Two things came out of this, I realized that index cards don’t work for me as a note taking tool and I also realized that index cards are a great to-do done tool.

There are several reasons that I am abandoning index cards to take notes while reading/watching content. Mainly because I have a notebook where I write down ideas, plan out project, jot down quotes etc. What happened was that I started debating if I should write something in my notebook or on the index card. I figure if I can train myself to take notes on index cards then I can train myself to do it in a notebook. Second is that index cards are somewhat flimsy, this makes them difficult to write on if you don’t have another surface, they also become worn very quickly. Finally, index cards are small, I found that I was constantly running out of space and was numbering them 1,2,3, this seemed kinda ridiculous considering I had a notebook. I came to these conclusions fairly early in the month and started to think of other uses for index cards.

Because I work mostly from home when I’m not out on actual shoots I have to keep myself motivated and concentrated at the tasks at hand. Every morning I started to write out the things I had to finish by the end of the day aswell as a few things I could work on if I finished the mandetory stuff early. This gave me a plan for the day, it also allowed me to jump from one task to another as I grew weary of it, without forgetting or permenantly delaying it. It was great having a constant reminder beside my keyboard, rather than some app that I would have to bring up to see. There is also a great satisfaction, come the  end of the day and all of the tasks are crossed off.

All in all the experiment was a success though perhaps not as I initially intended. I will definitely be exploring more things in this experiment format which will hopefully lead to more new discoveries and habits.