Organizing Your iPhone


I have 56 apps on my phone and the number is ever growing. Without a method of organizing them, my springboard would be a mesh of icons that I would have to scan through every time I needed something. To use my phone effectively my apps need to be organized in a common sense way, it must be intuitive, and provide fast access. The iPhone doesn’t have folders so a hierarchal structure won’t work, instead we must use individual pages in a similar way (the downside is that one cannot jump to a specific page but must go through all of them). Lets go through this page by page.

Dock / Main Page

It goes with out saying that the main dock (at the bottom of the screen) should house your most used apps. I wish there was away to track app usage so you could see actuall usefulness versus perceived usefulness, by there isn’t so just guess.

photo 2 (2)

The next level up is the main page. This is is the only page that you can jump to (by pressing the home button) so all your main apps go here. Forget about categories or anything else, if you use it a lot, put it there. Some basic rules to go by are (note these haven’t been tested, but just things I’ve notice while using the phone):

  • The more apps you have on a page the longer it will take you to click the one you want (I try to keep at least three or four empty slots)
  • Apps along the edges take less time to spot so put the more important ones there

    Pages by Category

    photo 4After the first page I have a series of category pages: Tools, Reference, and Games. This allows me to quickly and intuitively know where I can find the app I need. Example: need a conversion app, it’s in the reference section. I do not need to glance through all the pages, I can quickly skip through them to the one I need.

    A good idea is to group similar apps together within the categories themselves. For example you can see that on the tools page I have all my extra camera apps in the first line and two fitness apps together in the second line. The idea behind this is similar to categories, you learn what section to look at so that you don’t have to scan the whole page.

    The Graveyard

    The final page is the graveyard, it has apps that I almost never use as well as apps that I don’t need but Apple wont let me delete. Some of these include Contact, Weather, Stocks, iTunes etc. as well as Settings and the App Store.


    In the end regardless of how you choose to organize your apps do an initial sweep and keep it. More that you realize, you learn the places of various apps. Even moving an app one spot over, will have you unconsciously tapping it’s old location which is quite annoying. Happy organizing!


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