On Planes

Light Plane© Eugen Sakhnenko 2009

Tomorrow I leave for London. I write this in a sea of possessions that my girlfriend and I are earnestly attempting to fit into out backpacks. I’ve spent about a week in France now. Half of that time was in the small southern town of Saint-Etienne, the other half was in Nice on the French Riviera, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The truth is I’ve never flown alone before, so lets start there.

I picked my plane seat when I booked my ticket, I wanted the window seat, that’s what I choose. Turns out when you sit in the first row after an emergency door you get a whole lot of plastic wall and about one-tenth of a window. That’s the first lesson I learned, you don’t choose the window seat, the window seat chooses you. I was glad to have nice people sitting next to me, a girl starting university and her mother.

They were headed for Romania and spent half the flight flipping through celebrity-tabloids deciding who was ugly and who was alright. We did end up talking quite a bit and even teamed up for a Sudoku puzzle. Who new the hours I spent doing Sudokus while working at a market research agency would be a useful social skill. The cool thing about flying Air France, they give you menus come meal time.

You only have two choices for the main course, but that’s twice as many as any other flight I’ve ever been on and thus a plus in my book. I ordered green-curry chicken, it was pretty great. I also had a Heineken which is extra tasty and refreshing thousands of feet in the air. The other great thing about this flight was that I got to see both sunrise and sunset, that pretty much sums it up.

This seems like a good place to stop, plus I have to go make some lunch.



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