Blog-o-rama: Games & Tech

I was surprised to expand my Games & Tech section of Google Reader and only see three blogs. Thinking about it, it makes sense as video games and technology coverage don’t really vary much in content. In fact you can pretty much get all your game and tech news from two blogs and there will still be some overlap.


One: Gizmodo


Gizmodo, part of Gawker Media, and thus has a great pool of talented bloggers. There is also a nice mix of tech news and opinion pieces on various tech topics, there is also a little bit of contrivercy now and then. If you love all things tech then there is no reason not to follow Gizmodo!


Two: Kotaku


Kotaku, also part of Gawker, is pretty much exactly like Gizmodo except it’s all game related. The math is simple, if you like video games, then you will like Kotaku.


Three: Nerdist


Other than loving the logo there are a few reasons to subscribe to Nerdist. Run by Chris Hardwick, a writer at Wired and reviewer for Attack of the Show (a tech TV show), Nerdist is tech plus comedy equals awesomeness, it is also a nice change from the straight tech coverage of other blogs.


As I wrote that I realize I should probably be subscribing to Wired, I think I’m going to go do that now, you should too.


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