Andrew Moore

Avtovo_metro_station-St._PetersburgAvtovo metro station, St. Petersburg – © Andrew Moore

I am so excited by Andrew Moore’s exhibition at the Loggia Gallery, Koffler Centre of the Arts that I’m letting people know about it in anyway possible including this blog. I have looked through Moore’s gorgeous book Russia over a dozen times and everytime the images leap off the page as they did the first time.

Moore, a photographer and teacher at The School of Visual Arts in New York, has managed to capture contemporary Russia, in it’s post-Soviet struggle. His images reflect the super-power’s former glory and a longing for greatness. Shot in large-format the photographs offer exquisite detail in book form and I can only image (though not for long!) how gorgeous they must look on the wall.

You can see a good selection of images from the series as well as Moore’s other projects on his website.

The show runs from April 29 to June 30, check out the show link for more info.

This is probably the best show in CONTACT so don’t miss it!


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