CONTACT Film Picks


Cankun Factory, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, 2005 - © Edward Burtynsky

Cankun Factory, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, 2005 - © Edward Burtynsky



All of May TVO is showing various films on photography, there is quite a range of films so be sure to check out the full list. This is a great chance to catch some documentaries that you might otherwise have a hard time getting hold of. Here are my picks:


Eloquent Nude & Peppers and Nudes: The Photographer Edward Weston

Two consecutive films about Edward Weston, the first about his wife and their relationship, the second about Weston’s life in general.

When: May 10, 9 & 10pm

Hansel Meith: Vagabond Photographer

A documentary about a female LIFE photographer who immigrated from Germany.

When: May 13, 10pm


What Remains: The Life & Work of Sally Mann

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this film which explores the post-“Immediate Family” Sally Man. It takes an detailed look at the creation of a new body of work and her life in general.

When: May 17, 9pm


The True Meaning of Pictures

A great film about Shelby Lee Adams and his work documenting families in Appalachia. An interesting look at how photographs represent people and cultures.

When: May 21, 10 pm


Dolce Vita Africana

A film about photographer Malick Sidibe and his photographs of post-colonial Mali during the 1960’s.

When: May 27, 10pm


Manufactured Landscapes

I’ve seen this film twice already and will definitely be watching it a third time. A documentary following Edward Burtynsky as he photographs China’s industry and its effects.

When: May 31, 9pm


Make sure you set your PVRs or mark down the dates in your calendars! Also let me know what films you think are must sees.

Next up in CONTACT coverage will be Gallery Shows.



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