“Last Things” by C. K. Williams

Last Things

In a tray of dried fixative in a photographer friend’s darkroom,

I found  a curled-up photo of his son the instant after his death,

his glasses still on, a drop of blood caught at his mouth.


Recently, my friend put a book together to commemorate his son;

near the end, there’s a picture taken the day before the son died;

the caption says: “This is the last photo of Alex.”


I’m sure my friend doesn’t know I’ve seen the other picture.

Is telling about it a violation of confidence?

Before I show this to anyone else, I’ll have to ask his permission.


If you’re reading it, you’ll know my friend pardoned me,

that he found whatever small truth his story might embody

was worth the anguish of remembering that reflexive moment


when after fifty years of bringing reality into himself through a lens,

his camera doubtlessly came to his eye as though by itself,

and his finger, surely also of its own accord, convulsed the shutter.


– C. K. Williams (from the book Repair)



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