Blog-o-rama: Design & Architecture

I had so many links under this category that I thought I would have a really difficult time picking only five blogs. In the end though, I went with what I felt was the best blog in it’s own sub-category of design and architecture, with a few twists thrown in.

One: swissmiss


What is great about Swiss Miss is that it has a bit of everything; Clothing, ID, Web, Illustration, Photography, Writing, some current affairs thrown in for good measure. Get all of your design goodness in one place.



Contemporist is my architecture pick because it includes everything you need for a modern home; architecture, furniture, and lighting. Another great site that is strictly architecture is Arch Daily.



Three: Street Anatomy


Street Anatomy is one of those unique sites that has a really cool and interesting niche. It features art and design that somehow incorporates anatomy, which results in some surprising finds.



Four: Lovely Package®


Lovely Package features the best package design from around the world, and who doesn’t like a lovely package.



Five: Quotes on Design


Quotes about design = Quotes on Design. Simple yet brilliant.


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