Blog-o-rama: Comic

Welcome to round two of Blog-o-rama, this next set up blogs is all things funny, clever and at their best insightful. 


One: xkcd


xkcd  is home to little stickfigures trying to understand the world around them. This is probably one of the funniest and most inteligent comics in existence.


Two: Jake and Amir


Jake and Amir is made up of short skits with a never ending story arc. It’s about two guys working in an office, one of them, Amir, is obsesive and not very bright, the other, Jake, is a regular down to earth guy. Jake and Amir never fails to be hilarious. So Ace!


Three: Questionable Content


Questionable Content is a geekier, more indie, current version of Friends (the T.V. show). Go subscribe.


Four: Indexed


If you like graphic represenations, think bar graphs, pie charts, and venn diagrams, of everyday life then you’ll love Indexed.


Five: a beautiful revolution


a beautiful revolution is full of tredgedy, heartbreak, and regret, what more can you ask for?


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