Blog-o-rama: Business, Creativity, Productivity

For the first installment of Blog-o-rama I’m going to tackle the Business, Creativity, Productivity section of my Google Reader. Recently I’ve been reading and listening to more things related to business. Considering I nearly went to school for a BBA I’m surprised how long it took me to tap into the world of business blogs. These blogs cover a wide variety of subjects such as; marketing, personal finance, creativity, productivity, current affairs, inspiration, etc.  It is almost guaranteed that everyone will find something of value. Many of these are big name blogs but hopefully there will be something you haven’t heard of. Also let me know of any great business related blogs you might know!


One: Seth Godin’s Blog


Seth Godin is a writer and entrepreneur, his blog features his thoughts on a variety of topics and is always an interesting read.


Two: Ben Casnocha’s Blog | Think Different TV


These are two blogs by Ben Casnocha, a young entrepreneur and writer. On his personal blog he discusses various issues mostly revolving around business and current affairs. Over at Think Different TV he features conversations he has on a variety of topics between himself and other successful people.


Three: Daily Routines


Daily Routines features “how writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days.” Really interesting, trust me.


Four: I Will Teach You To Be Rich


This is a blog about personal finance and entrepreneurship,written by Ramit Sethi, entrepreneur and soon to be author.


Five: Lateral Action


Lateral Action revolves around a basic equation Productivity + Creativity = Success, it’s a blog about the role that creativity plays in business.


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One Response to “Blog-o-rama: Business, Creativity, Productivity”

  1. ukwelii Says:

    Thanks a bunch, will do the same on My Google Reader I guess. For Productivity I also look at and LateralAction Most of the Time.

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