House Keeping

I finally had some time to go through all the unread posts on my Google Reader, they have a tendency to pile up. I also organized all the blogs I subscribe to into folders so that I can go to stuff that I’m in the mood for, say photography or design, and leave the rest for later. I have devided all the blogs into 7 folders; General, Photo, Business & Productivity, Comic, Design & Architecture, Games & Tech, and Friends.

Over the next several weeks I’m going to post my top five blogs from each sections. Hopefully there will be some there that you don’t already know and perhaps you guys might be able to share some of your favourites.



2 Responses to “House Keeping”

  1. Mike Haddad Says:

    I did the same thing today. I also subscribed to a few new blogs that were nominated for a Bloggie. I felt like I achieved something.

  2. Bobby Says:

    What category am I under? This is exciting, I hope I get mentioned! Nervous!

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