A Few Things About Hockey

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I was at a hockey game yesterday, Leafs vs Florida Panthers, and a few things are on my mind. I understand that hockey games attract a certain crown of which I am not a part of, this is quite evident by the spectators, however I find there are several things that take me away from the game and leave a bad taste in my mouth. These things are, in the order that I became conscious of them; booing, fighting, and leaving early.

Booing to me seems completely unnecessary and childish. I am all up for cheering your team on but booing the other team because they are beating your team is just stupid. It’s not their fault your team sucks.

Fighting should have been eliminated from the game a long time ago, I guess that “the good old hockey game” is just not very exciting on its own. There were two instances linked to fighting during the game. First an actual fight broke out, all the fans immediately jumped to their feet and started cheering (this was the only time this happened). Parents with little kids were applauding while jumping for a better view. What kind of example are they trying to set? I am sure if polled all of them would say that they don’t approve of fighting. The second instance was during a video recap of great hockey players in the past. The crowd cheered for most of the people, but one guy’s video game up where he was beating the shit out of another player and the crowd once again went crazy for it. Two things wrong here; one is that the best hockey moment in the crowds eyes is not a hockey moment at all, two the highlight of that player’s career is a fight. If you like fighting go watch UFC.

The last thing just had me thinking, “really your doing this?!”, in my head. There was about 10 min left until the end of the game, the leafs were loosing 1 – 4. All of a sudden masses of people just started leaving. I mean you call yourself fans and you can’t wait 10 min so that your team can finish to a full stadium. The Leafs ended up scoring another goal and came close to scoring a few other, that 10 min was the best part of the whole game. I’m glad they all missed it.

I think my phone is done syncing and I start school today so bye.



3 Responses to “A Few Things About Hockey”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Sorry that it was such a displeasuring experience for you. The thing about fighting is that team enforcers are kept around for the one reason – to keep the rougher of their opponents off of their star players. If you watch a Pittsburgh Penguins game, I’ve little doubt you’re going to see a very physical match as there are a ton of guys protecting Sidney Crosby.

    People sit on both sides of the fence when it comes to fighting, but frankly, it’s not going anywhere. Emotions run very high when you’re playing hockey, and though it’s possible not to fight (did you see the Canada vs Sweden gold medal game?), it’s not possible not to be physical and even inadvertently provoke it.

  2. Mike Haddad Says:

    The only thing worse than a hockey fan, is a hockey fan who never played hockey.

  3. Bobby Says:

    That’s a pretty apt comment as well. It’s far easier to understand the mindset once you’ve played a couple of games. Having and playing with heart sometimes means getting carried away, but for the most part it’s all left on the ice.

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