Kiev, Ukraine


Gleb Garanich/Reuters

Gleb Garanich/Reuters



I was born in Ukraine in 1988. I moved to the States in 1994 and haven’t been back until this past summer; fourteen years. For the majority of that time I though very little about my place of birth. Whenever I did think about it I thought mostly of family, never of Ukraine as a country, and definitely never of Ukraine as an influential country world wide.

Going back this past summer, visiting  my home town, seeing relatives, and learning about Ukraine’s various issues, has changed a great many attitudes that I have for it. I often think about it now. Think about what it would have been like if I had grown up there, think about what I would have been like and the opportunities that I wouldn’t have had. 

Being a photographer, I brought my camera along with me with the intention of  creating a small book of Ukraine photos for myself. I have done an initial edit, but for now I’ve left the photographs alone. I know that I definitely want to go back, to shoot more and experience more of the country. All of this has me thinking more and more about Ukraine as a place and it’s place in the world.

 I subscribe to The Wall Street Journal “Photo Journal” and have noticed that they often feature photos in Ukraine. Ukraine also keeps popping up in other news media. I never really though Ukraine had much influence or importance in world events, growing up I encountered few Westerners who knew of it. However lately I wonder if Ukraine is becoming more important world wide, or if I have simply began to notice it more due to my recent visit and increased interest.



One Response to “Kiev, Ukraine”

  1. Mike Haddad Says:

    If I had to guess, I would say there’s an article about Ukraine in The Economist once a month. That is much more often than articles about Canada.

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