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For a while now I’ve wanted to put some commercial style work onto my website, I’m mainly interested in 3 types of commercial work which is, editorial, architectural, and product. My issue however is that most of the images I have are from various school assignments and in the end when I put it all together, I reallize I don’t really have anything that’s worth showing in terms of a group of images. I haven 2 or 3 great images from each of those categories and the rest I don’t really care for. I also don’t feel that grouping them all together into one would be good as it wouldn’t be cohesive at all. 

On a similar note I plan to use SimpleViewer for my commercial galleries, this would allow me to change and update them quickly without having to relink a ton of other page. I finally got around to figuring out how to put a SimpleViewer flash page into a regular HTML page, it turned out to be really simple (if you want to know how, see #11 here) and looks quite nice. All I have left to do now is get some images together.

I’m going to try and shoot a lot of product images over the break, as they are the most doable with limited resources, and perhaps try to con a few places into allowing me to shoot inside their buildings to get a nice amount of architecture images together. I’ll worry about the editorial shots once school is back on and I have access to more lights and things.



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