Back To School

© Eugen Sakhnenko 2008

Wow so much has been going on lately, I’m just trying to keep up with it all. I have been attending the Toronto International Film Festival, tomorrow will be my 9th film out of 10 and at the same time school has started up again!

I’m in the 3rd year of my BFA in Photography and there is quite a noticeable shift from last year. While the course outlines seem to contain very few assignments, in reality there are things due pretty much every week for my core courses, which makes it tricky in terms of generating ideas, shooting them, editing, and printing. I do however have a few teachers I’m really excited about, in particular my Advanced Lighting professor Toni Hafkenscheid (check out his portraits in the Fine Art section). 

Toni is both an established and working fine art as well as commercial photographer, he ended our first class an hour early because he had to rush to a shoot. He seems to be into commercial photography and has a lot to offer. Our first two assignments (image above from assignment one) seem to be really great and I have already learned more about lighting then I have in both previous years combined. All in all looks like it will be a great year.


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