Boring Photos

©2008 `gilad

Often time’s friends or people I meet show me photographs, they find online or somewhere, which they think are great.  I’m grateful for this as sometimes it is truly good work, however 9 times out of 10 it is the same uninspired boring photos. Now I’m in no way saying that they are bad photos, most of the time they are good, well composed, nicely shot and edited photos. These are the pictures I looked and tried to imitate when I first started taking pictures.

The problem is that there is nothing beyond the picture. Most of these photos share the same set of visual gimmicks; reflections, strong leading lines, extremely shallow depth-of-field, angled light. You get a visual punch and that’s it. There is no other layer at which one can connect with the image. If ever there is a message the photographer is attempting to deliver it is often pretentious and overly obvious. The visual impact takes all the attention leaves the viewer empty.

I’m mainly interested in contemporary fine art / documentary photography and my favourite photographers manage to strike a delicate balance between beauty and message, but that’s for another post.



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