Why Blog?

Why blog? In the past, I’ve had 2 blogs that have died a slow death and currently have  a tumblr blog I use for sharing content I find online. So why a new blog? Why now? What about? These were the questions I found myself asking leading up to the creation of Undead Pixel, these are the questions that needed to be answered before I could once again start blogging.

The main reason for Undead Pixel is to satisfy my need to explore ideas and write critically about them. Similar to my photography, I often stumble upon things that intrigue me and warrant further investigation. I find myself having to follow my train of thought through to some sort of conclusion. Blogging or writing about these things is a way for me to do this. This medium also allows for others to follow and generate a discussion about various issues and topics, which in turn gives me access to new ideas and furthers my own.

The second reason for Undead Pixel is to share. There are so many things online and in life in general that it is difficult for everyone to be aware of everything. In this aspect sharing is what the Internet is all about. While I use my tumblr blog to share things I find online, there are certain things that I want to go into deeper detail about and it is those things that I will post here.

The content of this blog, while very general, is in a way specific. Being a photographer and someone who loves contemporary fine art photography, a large portion of this blog will be about photography. Another large interest of mine is the Internet and technology in general so that will also be a prominent topic on the blog. Nothing however is off limits, and one can expect reviews of movies and books, posts about various happenings around the world, and generally anything I feel I have something to say about or is worth sharing.

What this blog is will not be is a place for my personal photography, though I may occasionally link to my work or have a post about a new body of work, by no means will this be a “photo blog”.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoy this latest experiment of mine, don’t shy away from commenting and letting me know what you think.




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